Repair Centre Our repair facility is ultra-modern for the industry. It is specially designed, with four large drive-thru bays that can contain tractor and trailer hooked-up for quick professional service.

We employ a night crew who work all night long to minimize our customers' downtime.

We have staff numbers of between 55-75 people, who are all very skilled, with many having 15-29 years of valuable experience. Our facilities are housed in two modern buildings totaling 40,000 square feet.

Our facility also includes a modern comfortable drivers lounge complete with complimentary sparkling clean showers.

For a new train dump side roll replacement, drop the trailers in the afternoon after the last load. It is ready to pick-up for 7 a.m. start... with not one lost load!

There are no excuses or delays... call Cambridge Canvas to book the repair!

TOLL FREE 1-800-265-8151 EXT. 38 or 39